Where traditions are expression of ancient local culture    

7. Luras: hidden between the characteristics houses of the village of Luras there is the traditional Museum of the “femina agabbadora”. luras-hot-spot-sardiniahammer-agabbadora-lurasThe museum is spread over all three floors, in halls which accurately portray the typical environments of local culture between the late 1600s and the first half of the 20th century. The Museum has also a famous, sinister tool, the hammer that in past times was used by ‘sas accabadoras’, the women in charge of ‘bringing to an end’ the suffering of the terminally ill in their deathbed. museum-luras-sardinia-agabbadora

The museum displays more than 4000 objects. Here you can live a unique experience that will give you the possibility to know the traditions of the Alta Gallura district in an original way.  Today, the economy is also based on agriculture and craft trades, in particular cork, granite and the production of vermentino and nebiolo wine.grapes-nebbiolo-luras-sardinia






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