Near Alghero town there is a fantastic grotto and the legend tells that it is the Neptune’s home.

3. Tour at Neptune’s Grotto: between the cliffs overlooking the sea in the north-western part of Sardinia,capo-caccia-alghero there is a grotto in which you can find real rooms decorated by nature, with stalactites and stalagmites: Neptune’s grotto is a place that you nscala-cabirol-algheroeed to visit at least once in your life. It is one of the largest and most famous marine caves in Italy and you can reach its entrance via a flight of steps, the Escala del Cabirol (656 steps that cling to the western side of Capo Caccia) or by the sea, in the boats that depart from the Port of Alghero village every day or from the dock of Cala Dragunara in Porto Conte.neptune-grotto-alghero




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